Be a snowman. Explore a magical cave and solve all the puzzles....

Keep in mind. Whatever can be seen in the mirror, it exists. Move things in front of the mirror to make them appear on both sides. Move them out of the mirror's view to make them disappear on one side.

Controls : WASD or Arrow Keys to move, E to pick up torches

Tools : Unity3D, Blender, Cubase Elements 7, Audacity, Krita

Team :
Johannes Alef
Rebecca Schieren
Hong Linh Thai

Created during the Game Jam Event for Ludum Dare 30 at the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt - Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM)

Additional Info : All assets of the game have been created on our own during the game jam.
The password at the end is for the other Jam entries created at KOM.