Experience the Crabby Quest for Arrows of Jacky and Tricky, the One Trick Pony

- An Interactive Real Life Experience Generator -

Help Jacky and Tricky gather Arrows for the annual Archery Contest.

Move Jacky with A,W and D. Use the numbers 1 to 0 to give commands to Tricky and unleash its awesome powers.

Experience an intriguing meta game about leveling your player skills while you are at it.

Warning: The Web-Version sometimes does not read keyboard input correctly.

Developed in about three days during the local game jam event at KOM at TU Darmstadt in September 2016.

Theme: Experience Points

Optional Themes: Arrow Crabs, Upside Down and One Trick Pony

Developed by Hong Linh Thai, Maria Rumjanzewa, Daniel Jente, Rebecca Schieren and Johannes Alef

Technology: Unreal Enginge, Krita, Audacity and Cubase Elements

All assets except for the Crab collection andnicker sound effect were created during the jam.


CrabbyQuestWindowsx64.zip 92 MB