Experience the Crabby Quest for Arrows of Jacky and Tricky, the One Trick Pony

- An Interactive Real Life Experience Generator -

Help Jacky and Tricky gather Arrows for the annual Archery Contest.

Move Jacky with A,W and D. Use the numbers 1 to 0 to give commands to Tricky and unleash its awesome powers.

Experience an intriguing meta game about leveling your player skills while you are at it.

Warning: The Web-Version sometimes does not read keyboard input correctly.

Developed in about three days during the local game jam event at KOM at TU Darmstadt in September 2016.

Theme: Experience Points

Optional Themes: Arrow Crabs, Upside Down and One Trick Pony

Developed by Hong Linh Thai, Maria Rumjanzewa, Daniel Jente, Rebecca Schieren and Johannes Alef

Technology: Unreal Enginge, Krita, Audacity and Cubase Elements

All assets except for the Crab collection andnicker sound effect were created during the jam.

Published Sep 26, 2016
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Tags2D, Game Jam, meta-game


CrabbyQuestWindowsx64.zip 92 MB