Created  for Ludum Dare 41.

Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

Our game is a mixture of a turn based collectible card game (like Hearthstone, Magic) and an old school shooter (like Quake). Not entirely serious, but fast paced and action packed. Before each mission you can adjust your deck with the cards that you collected and then you face of against a horde of enemies. Beat the level and you will get a pack with five cards for your collection. There is atotal of eight missions. On the select level screen you can see which you have already completed (green instead of white picture).


WASD/arrow keys for movement

Left mouse click to shoot

Right mouse click to use the selected card

Mouse wheel/numbers 1-4 on keyboard to select cards

Space to jump

Shift to sprint

The green rectangles on the bottom left of the screen are your mana crystals. You start each mission with one crystal and get an additional one each round until you have five. One turn are five seconds. Each turn you will draw a card (if you have less than four) and your mana is replenished. Your currently selected card is highlighted in yellow.If you don’t have enough mana to play this card the highlighting will be in red.

In each mission the goal is to kill the boss. It is big and glows red. You can’t miss it. Although it may be hiding in some levels. Look around.

Technology: Blender, Krita, Gimp, Unity, cubase elements, ableton


Johannes Alef: Programming, 3D models

Rebecca Schieren: Programming, Art

Hong Linh Thai & Maria Rumjanzewa: Music

GenreShooter, Card Game
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 41
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